December 06 2023 02:03:10
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Something Sketchy with the Nades and Stuff
Papa Petro
In the title. Don't know what's going on but it's been going on and getting increasingly worse over time with tests. The nade registration (my nade registration at least) is just non-existent. A point blank blast will kill me and not kill my enemy occupying the same space (I've tested this multiple times now to verify). The same nade setup will function normally on other Gun Game servers meaning DoGz is still acting funny. Not sure what's happening, but if someone could look into it, well God bless you then.

And I know the first reaction is "it must must be in his head". It's not that I can assure you. I've played one this server for over a decade and know when something isn't running nominal. Remember the server just had a big *reset* so it might be related to that.

Also on a side note, please don't run lag hacks. I run a stream with vids and have the recipes of :ahem: some of you toggling individual lag hacks (huge spikes of data to disrupt traffic and confuse the server's simulation of the game). I'm not gonna name names (guilty parties know), but it's pretty obvious because you guys use it for the hard levels like knife and nade (protip: having a static/fake ping is super sketchy since that is used to mask latency spikes from the lag toggle). My vision is good enough that I can see the frames stuttering when you do it and you blink around the map (it's annoying to my vision btw that's why I notice it when I do). My timing is still good enough that it's very satisfying to still knife you cheaters when you blink around and then watch you get pissed that I bypassed your bullshit. Best to just stop now and not get cursed with a ban or worse. Be careful who you cheat against...
Edited by Papa Petro on 20-04-2023 06:38
I don't know what half of this means. My nades work. I do see people skipping around sometimes but it's because they have crazy high pings. Are you saying that they are trying to cheat somehow?
I've been having a lot of trouble getting nade kills, too. I assumed it was just because I suck.
Damn and I thought I was the only one who's nades didn't work LOL
Any good players have input? Like not Mac or Tex?
When the server is full, I could drop a nade at your feet and not get a kill, but when there's ten or five players, my nade decimates anyone in proximity to the blast LMAO.
The Unworthy Servant
I have never seen this - i'm perplexed
The nade will do more damage if a opponent "recently shot" with the gun his holding. There is a lot of instance when I though I would die with low HP by nade but survived even if it was a direct hit. but other instance the nade missed or not even close and I die full HP because I was shooting..

Go figure ..

Also this shouldnt be discussed in the public thread..?

Mac WHENEVS wrote:

I've been having a lot of trouble getting nade kills, too. I assumed it was just because I suck.

In your case your just bad Mac ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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