February 01 2023 02:00:43
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Provide Access To An Active Admin
That One Guy
I want to start this thread off with stating that my understanding is that there are a lot of people that care about this community, but there are NO active admins with access to make any changes to server files. I think the best is intended, but is not achieved because it is not possible through those that are willing due to access. My sole question is this:

Is there anyone that can make changes server side that the community can work through.

The biggest changes that are apparent is the need to make voting not include spectators that are not participating in the vote (i.e. are AFK). The server DAILY dies to crappy maps because we cannot RTV with the number of spectators. Dont get me wrong - spectators are GOOD - they help keep the server populated when people check player count. The solution is NOT kick spectators (which would also require a plugin that requires someone with server access...so same dilemma). The solution is to just not include spectators in votes unless they participated in the vote. There are several threads requesting this in the forums. This not only affects maps but also vote banning hackers. Note: Other threads requesting the same thing: [#1] [#2] [#3]

There are also other changes that, if someone had access, should be discussed further as a community. However, the votes vs spectators is the biggest one that I see kill the server DAILY. [If someone had access] you could even install a plugin to track this and show how certain maps kill the server.

I am advocating for what I believe is in the best interest of the community. If there is someone with access, please give a name and I (along with others, no doubt) will appeal directly to them. We all want this community to continue, as it is great to see known players and spend time gaming together. I feel like this community is helpless right now though because no one with access to make change is there. Please tell me otherwise and let me know the path forward. Great server! Let's keep it from falling under despite dwindling population in CS:S.


-The One
Edited by That One Guy on 08-01-2023 22:15

- Sourcemod programmer, civil engineering, etc.
That One Guy
Side notes: I also think if we had an active admin with access, there is a lot we could do to support the servers financially with non-pay-to-win donator perks. Not really that important to me, but it might be important to those running Dogz and could be an incentive for them allowing someone to manage the servers more actively. To be clear - I dont think the focus should be financial, but I believe many would participate if they enjoy this server and there was minor incentives. Just another prompt to get an active admin with server access. I can even provide many such plugins.

Hoping for the best for the community and a continued place to enjoy some gungame! #bestgamemode

- Sourcemod programmer, civil engineering, etc.
I agree with needing some sort of server-privileged admin actually present. The couple of minor tweaks mentioned would drastically improve the experience and have my full support.
Tex Mex
Totally agree with One guy.
110% agreed
Sir Egglicious Knifealot
The server would get a lot better if these things were fixed!
Would also be fun with a voting system providing maps not in the rotation Smile
Efficiency is nothing but clever laziness.
That One Guy
And to prevent 1-spam bias, I would also recommend making it so option 1 in all votes is "no vote". They can always !revote, but it cuts out the bias of 1-spam.

- Sourcemod programmer, civil engineering, etc.
That One Guy
Does anyone have TigerOx on Steam or another way to contact him?

If he gave a trusted/active admin access, if training is the issue, I can help and dont even personally need access. I can have them screen share and help them with plugins, maps, etc.

- Sourcemod programmer, civil engineering, etc.
Thanks for bringing this up Guy - appreciate you.
You could try pm'ing him. i have him on steam. he's been active 8 months ago.
"Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner."
That One Guy
badseed wrote:

You could try pm'ing him. i have him on steam. he's been active 8 months ago.

I've tried PM'ing him on these forums before and got no response...perhaps because he doesnt know me or maybe never saw it. Can you try messaging him on Steam?

EDIT: Shot him another PM asking him to read this thread. Please still reach out on Steam though since I dont know if he even gets notifications via email from forum PMs, if his email is still valid, etc.

- Sourcemod programmer, civil engineering, etc.
That One Guy
DKC wrote:

Thanks for bringing this up Guy - appreciate you.

Thanks bro!

- Sourcemod programmer, civil engineering, etc.
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