April 09 2020 23:48:28
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Reason I don't use a mic
I have played many years on this server and at one point I decided to use a mic. It was all good until there was this one opponent that always got on my nerves. He kissed the good players asses and just was very annoying. I spoke on my mic when a confrontation with him started...then he reacted with his childish ways. I cursed him out and I began Angry mode on him. After a few rounds I logged off and promised I would never use a mic on this server again. I miss not talking to the members of this server. It sucks I always have to type to communicate. Just wanted to let you guys know because some of you have become my CS friends and I just can't communicate to you like you do to me. It is not cause I don't have a mic...I have many mics. Aside from my career profession, I also play the guitar, piano, and sing with a bit of rage. I assure you I have a voice and it is very inconvenient to wait for a reaction when I message you during the rounds. Maybe one day I will use the mic again but it will only be when these jerks go away. So many jeez.
Edited by Angry on 11-01-2020 17:42
Relax, just ignore these bastards. Did you know that you can use ESC => Player List to mute single players ingame?
Angry whats happening ? who was him? inbox me when its happen ! even if I work early I finish early ? control urselft bro ! cheers !
It was a long time ago (5 years ago) and I don't see the guy on anymore. I would rather be cautious by not talking on mic Smile
Deep breaths, count to three, and a cold cup of water to the face works! Sometimes.
"Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner."
A nice fat bong rip always does the trick Wink

Or a beer or 2 or 3 but if you're an angry drunk then I guess not Grin
Edited by Ricky on 05-02-2020 02:58
Nice bottle of Don Julio Tequila should do the trick Smile
Ricky wrote:

A nice fat bong rip always does the trick Wink

"Nobody really knows what they're doing. We're all just trying to figure out what makes us happy."
terrowrist wrote:

Ricky wrote:

A nice fat bong rip always does the trick Wink



"I have no idea what this is" xD
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