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DoGz Gaming Clan » DoGz Servers » Ban Appeal
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Ban Appeal - Bill
Your SteamID : STEAM_0:0:18893887
Your Nickname : Bill
Reason why you should be unbanned :

When was in 8th grade, I read about this neat-o command in some forum on Source engine that if run from client side would make a server hiccup. Something to do with a sounds list? I didn't think it would do anything, let alone actually crash a server. So I hopped on CSS, jumped into a server, and gave it a go. I guess it seemed like a good idea? Well the server didn't hiccup at all, and instead I got a little message on the screen that says You Have Been Banned. It was one of those moments where only after it blows up in your hands you think, "well that was an incredibly bad idea". It became quite clear to me that a server bug would obviously be against the rules because it would affect server-wide not just one client. I thought about appealing the ban but never did, because I wasn't about to come on here and say I didn't do it and expect to be let back in.

I've played in just about every other CSS GG server I could find since then, many have come and gone in those 10 years. But never DoGz, because Sourcebans never forgives and never forgets. I have not been banned from any other servers I have played in, because it turns out all you have to do is just read the MOTD and follow the rules. Rocket science, I know.

It's been a full decade, and I'm finally putting in that appeal. I'm not here to say I was wrongfully banned, I'm here to apologize and explain that I would like to return to continue to play CSS by the rules as I always have since. I do not script, hack, exploit, or otherwise disrupt.

I've been playing CSS right on through, logging 1382 hours, even as many others have left for other games. The diminishing number of high quality servers with solid communities in this game is impossible to ignore, and it's becoming harder to for me to look past DoGz appearing on the servers list whenever I'm looking for a server to play in.

TL;DR I did an oopsie, it was not malicious, I have served my time, will not do again, and I am sorry
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