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DoGz Gaming Clan » DoGz Servers » Ban Appeal
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BANANA Ban Appeal
Your SteamID : stackmemaybe
Your Nickname : **:. ⒷAŇάⓃα .:**
^the symbols in my name are not showing right, my nickname is spelled out: Banana.

Reason why you should be unbanned :

I think I've been wrongfully banned because I'm not a hacker and I don't understand why I've been banned.

I think I should be unbanned because I can be a good challenge for other regular players and I think it's fun to fight regularly against other thinking players. Also, Dogz is a gungame server that's been online for more than 10 years and I'd be happy to be able to play on the most renowned gungame server as it's my favourite type of game.

Hoping to hear back from you soon,

BANANA aka antcs

Re: steamID: 76561198079202842

I just found out that the reason for my ban was ''speedhack'' but I was not speedhacking.

I had a great run in a new map (the admin had chosen the one with the weed plants) and a lot of occasional players (no offense intended). I think that I managed to figure out the strategic aspects of the map better than the other players (again no offense intended). I finished with a 46-11 ratio and was myself surprised, saying in the chat ''that was a good one lol''.

If you have proof that I was speedhacking please share it.

Hoping to hear back from you soon,

BANANA aka antcs

EDIT1: If it matters, I used to play (a month ago) with an Intel HD graphics4000 which would give me lag but I could still accumulate 40 wins in total (over many months). Now I upgraded to an Intel UHD 620 (two weeks ago) which explains my increase in wins. I also changed my name at the same time that I changed my graphic card, from ''antcs'' to ''banana'', for two reasons 1) antcs was hard to pronounce for some players and 2) with my new graphic card I knew that I would be able to ''bhop'' properly (I still think my bunny hoping is bad) and I thought that ''banana'' would be a more appropriate name for my style of play.

EDIT2: I got some multi-levels during that game and I hope that it has not been confused with speedhacking.
Edited by ant-cs on 27-02-2019 01:10
No pancake mix
Thanks for the appeal we're going to discuss and get back to you.
Also known as Skittles for the new people =)gameme.dogzgaming.com/sig/182628_101.png
Yeah, I pushed the wrong button when it asked me for a reason to ban you. So, no, you were not speed hacking. When I spec'd you , you were making some pretty incredible shots, but I didn't spec you long tbh and I didn't make a demo. So I'll unban you, and if you were hacking, please don't do it again, pretty please, with sugar on top.
Thanks Jesus! Iím really happy and I appreciate those kind words. You can count on me that no hacking has never and will never be done.

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