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Archangel can't be that good
Everytime Archangel gets in the server, he always gets a high KD ratio. I've spectated him a couple of times and it looks like he is using wallhacks. I wish I had a demo but im a noob at that type of stuff. Can you guys just look into this. He just makes people leave the server. Pure is really good and it is hard to believe this guy is twice as good. Btw, the one time I pretended that I recorded his shanigans he left right away.
Classic case of seal clubbing. If you got a demo I'd be happy to look at it, but from my experience he's not cheating.
Hi Angry.
I dont think Archangel is hacking either, he gets high KDR
because its how he plays... I mean that when He plays gungame he focus on KDR instead of focusing on wins first, alot of people play like that… He just knows how to peek corners properly as far as i know, and he got good aiming skills by lots of practice… he was a source competitive player back in the days and he still plays competitive csgo and was high ranked in the past I think … anyway. If u have a demo it will be a pleasure to look at it and review with the other active DoGz.

Thanks my friend, cheers.
Fair assessment. Hard to believe but I'll take your word for it Necro. Cheers bud.
I think i have only played with him twice. I was surprised at how good he was. i speced him and didn't notice anything fishy. just a good player imo.
Haha. He is not better than any of top players IMO.. Just a verry deffensive and corner peeking gameplay . As I noticed. He is a smart dude with a good technique , you are right Blood.
Psh, only 11th in WPH.
Bloodmanic the real mvp... and by a lot too
haha Wink
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