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DoGz Gaming Clan » DoGz Servers » Ban Appeal
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banned by necro over a petty grudge
Falco STEAM_0:1:91029594

Necro and I don't get along anymore, we used to be friends but he unfriended me because he thinks i treat him like an "inferior player" and from then on we just drifted further and further apart.

I once knifed him in the server and said "gotcha bitch" something I say to virtually every other player in the server (including the ladies shamefully). He then re-friended just to warn me about "disrespecting admins" and that he didn't appreciate being called a bitch. Honestly I thought it was soft as hell but whatever, I was willing to play along. FIVE minutes into my next session with him he types this in chat after winning a game. [*DoGz*] Necro: getting headshot too much falco? prefer play in my team Pfft

The hypocrisy of this guy is what pisses me off the most. He tells you one thing and then flatout breaks his own terms in an instant. Today I stabbed him for the win and said "necro lost." Literally that was it, a statement of fact and I got banned for what I'm assuming is "disrespecting admins."

I've never had any issues with any admins until today. I don't think Necro is impartial enough of a human being to admin the server. About 10 minutes before I got banned he changed gg_underworks to a generic orange funtimes map and when the people on the server complained he replied with "I don't care." How can someone as childish as this be an admin? I'm done ranting, do what you gotta do. I know there are tons of other Dogz regulars that are fed up with his dictatorish admining and can back me up on this.
Edited by Janssen on 31-07-2018 22:36
AKA Falco
Hi Falco,
It was not my idea to ban you first of all it was one of another dogz member suggestion who knows the story, and its only 1 week.. and because you blocked me on steam when i was sending a new friend invite so i couldnt have any other way to talk to you or get your attention..I wasnt saying something last week when u said " bitch " knifing me . And i was not talking to you today when u say " necro lost " in a way to humiliate me. I was saying GG to you every single game. I said that hs thing the other day because u kept laughing in your mic knifing me with your bunnyhop, feeling so proud to laugh at my situation, also i wanna add the things you say regularly . " how did i lost too that drunk ass colombian " or " ginassist " the name u said to gina yesterday mocking at her . Or when u call D Town " ass town " . ( things we read in your chat history ) Respect is for everyone not only admins..Coming on forums to say im not a good human enough to be admin is again very disrespectful.... And about that map change; It disapointed you and YOU said in the mic : " aahhhh why changing it its a good map " i typed the i dont care to you( only one complaining ) then i put some map that nobody usually see and everybody was glad and was like nice map necro thank you . I would appreciate if we could talk together about the situation and see where the problem is and just play peacefully like we used to and talk about an unban before the end of the week maybe.
Edited by 420_Necro_CS on 01-08-2018 02:32
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