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DoGz Gaming Clan » DoGz Servers » Ban Appeal
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Ban Appeal - big hacker
big hacker
big hacker here,

I got a one month ban for inappropriate language, I called Mars a cunt, in exchange for her offensive language and harassment directed towards me. If this is inappropriate to retaliate and defend myself, then fuck off, I can find a new server as this just isn't right.

I will play in peace going forwards, but if you're willing to ban me for a month over this then she deserves a one month ban too. I just didn't feel it was necessary to report it like a 5 year old. If you are against a harassment-free gaming environment, then I suggest you have a word with her as well.

Surely she neglected to mention that her and I have a past of going back and fourth with one another, I have in fact appologized before for the name calling and she said I could go fuck myself. If you are satisfied with this behaviour on this server, and not content with me responding to it, then I will play elsewhere because this isn't fair and it isn't right.

Going forwards I plan to block her out and mute her on my playerlist, I am not interested in conflict, I just want to play the game. Hope you have it in your heart to understand my situation and unban me.

Hey Big Hacker,

Though I never had a problem with you, and I kinda like your name. Player harassment is taken pretty seriously. I know it sucks and I hear it in the tone of your post, but at least its not permanent... see you in a month guy.

Cheers GJ.
Actually, I was quite straightforward. I said that for weeks now any time we are both in server you repeatedly call me a cunt in chat. Sometimes several times a match. If you get knifed, lose to me, or generally are just feeling salty, I get called a cunt. It is consistent, annoying, and completely unnecessary. I mentioned that sometimes I tell you to fuck off in response to your monosyllabic autoreply but mostly I ignore it.

You are correct, I did forget to mention the apology. The apology for which I thanked you and even commented on how unusual and unexpected it was for you to do that. Then literally the next match you went back to calling me cunt. I don't have anything to hide, I implore anyone to go back and read the chat logs. It is obvious how excessive your aggression is. Other players have even commented to me about it. I expect a fair amount of smack talk when gaming. I've been on the giving and receiving end of it plenty. For me to "report it like a 5 year old" is pretty telling as to how excessive I felt it was. I have played on this server for years without any major issues with other players. I have no issue playing with you, I would just like you stop calling me cunt any time you feel slighted. When you didn't respond to me ignoring it, retaliating, asking you what your problem is, etc, I felt this was the only other thing I could do.
big hacker
Well Mars, you can go back and read my quotes possibly, but yours don't all exist because you have a microphone which I don't, therefore you don't have a reportable history of comments like me and therefore cannot tell what I am responding to when I use these vulgar terms.
You are not speaking the entire truth in your post, so no you aren't being quite straight forward. Do you think because you are a girl that I am going to cut you a break that I wouldn't cut anybody else? No, that would be sexist, if you're an asshole I have no problem letting you know it.
Two of the three codes we live by where I come from are be straight with one another and don't snitch, and you can't do either of those things. The third one is don't fuck your friend's wife but that doesn't apply here.
I'll let you in on something though, if I had a microphone, I'd call you a cunt with my voice instead. You got what you wanted; I'm gone so be happy, play hard, win some matches and fuck you.
See you in a month possibly

LOL sums up this ban appeal.
"Nobody really knows what they're doing. We're all just trying to figure out what makes us happy."
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