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DoGz Gaming Clan » DoGz Servers » Batty Maps
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**NEW MAP** - Sanctum - CSS Map
Originally titled "Sewers", this map was going to be dark and gritty and have running sewer water and lighting effects.... it was gunna be bad ass!
...then remembered that nobody likes that crap on their gungame maps (latency and lag and such) so I took it all out, kept the layout and tweaked the textures a bit.

I present to you; Sanctum

A labyrinth of a dungeon filled with highs and lows, nooks and crannies, and all sorts of smooth movement zones as well as exploitable positions. But what map doesn't have at least one exploitable position. No worries, though. There's so many doors that your enemy can pop out of that you won't be able to hunker down in one place for very long.

This map is perfectly symmetrical so anything your team can find, be it a quicker path or half pixel to stand on to exploit a spot, the other team can also find those over their to take out your buddies.

Submitted for your approval... and as usual, the zip is at the bottom of this post, following the photos!

Batty attached the following file:
gg_dogz-bm_sanctum.zip [1.16MB / 230 Downloads]

Edited by Batty on 15-08-2015 12:15
Please feel free to comment on my Map Upload threads. Your comments and suggestions help me make better maps for the DoGz!!
P.S. Click the Banner for instant teleportationism to the BattyMaps section of the forum! =3
Amazing. Thanks Batty.
"Nobody really knows what they're doing. We're all just trying to figure out what makes us happy."
This map looks like quake... Just put your gun in the middle of the screen! Or was that doom? Hmm... If only I was an old fart!
Nice to see you around Batty!

Added this to the servers.
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