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What happens when a [Dog BOT] wins...
It's long been a goal of mine to let a bot win a round. One difficulty is that real players join and then the bots don't stand a chance. The biggest difficulty is that the bots rarely throw hand grenades. The few times I have gotten a bot to throw a nade, it either didn't kill anyone or, very frustratingly, another time it did get the nade kill but someone knifed them back down.

I recently discovered that once a bot is on nade, the chances of them throwing a nade are slim outside of right when they level up from the AWP. If you knife them back down to AWP and then there is an enemy nearby after they level back up to nade, there's a chance they will throw the nade. This is not an easy task because you usually have to sacrifice yourself as the AWP kill while your teammate (bot as well) is nearby. This is not effective.

This morning I was finally able to get the enemy bot to AWP my teammate while I was nearby. He threw the nade and I stood on it. Unfortunately, the other fuck'n bot shot me as it exploded and I died to gunfire. This, however, inspired me and I persisted. I was able to get the bot to throw the nade a second time and this time it killed me!

After progressing through the next round of guns, it finally came time for the second nade. I got worried because it didn't appear the bot was even attempting to use the nade when going from pistol to nade. Alas, it threw a nade and I was right there to stand on it. [Dog BOT] Grant was now on the second knife!

Here's what happened...

That One Guy

Love the dedication though!

- Sourcemod programmer, civil engineering, etc.
In-Game Name: The One
my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
AKA Falco
you have way too much time on your hands
Sir Egglicious Knifealot
Lol. Let me knife you next time!
Efficiency is nothing but clever laziness.
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