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Very Sus Players on Christmas Day with New Accounts
That One Guy
Merry christmas all!

There are two players with god-tier "skill" in the server and level 0 steam accounts (i.e. brand new), headshot percentages higher than any of the top players in the server, and they win every match. I took a couple demos, but it isnt as clean cut as is ideal. Seems like walls and aimbot. I first started spectating when i was getting killed the split second i'd come around corners numerous lives in a row (a few times can be luck/skill, but not so consistently on different corners).

1st player:
Players SteamID: STEAM_0:1:632030095
Players Nick Name: RTX_Master
Regulars Present: Myself, Bugseed
Which Server: DoGz [GunGame DM] Funtimes/Iceworld
Player has been on the server 40 min (at the time of my writing this) and has 500 kills, 82% headshot rate. I checked all other players with more than ~20 headshots recorded and no one has more than ~55%, including "hackers" (lol) like bucket and necro. There were only two others that high - one is banned and the other is the next one i am reporting.

2nd player:
Players SteamID: STEAM_0:1:632311575
Players Nick Name: trucker
Regulars Present: Myself, Bugseed
Which Server: DoGz [GunGame DM] Funtimes/Iceworld
40 minutes in the server but 400+ kills, ~75% headshot rate. Also steam level 0.

The demos i took missed many blatant moments. Check out the 2nd demo (rtx2) around kill 34-35 for an example of the instant snaps out of FOV for a headshot - which was done for most kills on one map.
Edit: Hax.dem shows both of them a bit clearer. The hack doesnt appear to be turned up to 100% and is a toggle.

Side note: Consider always recording server-sided demos, which allow for a lot more analysis of what is going on and capture the entire server. I can help set up a system that will record all matches, make them available online, and automatically delete old demos after X days.

EDIT: The web page crashes when i upload the 4 demo files. I'm uploading them as a zip.

Also note that you can compare HS % to other players in gameme:
Click the Hpk column, then ignore anyone with less than 50 kills or 1 hr playtime. You will see these two stand out due to their hacks.
That One Guy attached the following file:
You are not allowed to see attachments in this thread.

Edited by That One Guy on 26-12-2021 12:37

- Sourcemod programmer, civil engineering, etc.
That One Guy
Seems abom has now banned RTX - one down, one to go.
When trucker's friend (RTX) got banned, he left too - probably hacking in another server now...please ban trucker as well.

- Sourcemod programmer, civil engineering, etc.
I was there spec watching I witnessed both with aimbots some incredible snapping of the guns
I banned trucker as well. Can clearly be lined up at the end of the "hax" demo with the kill feed just as "rtx" was at the beginning. 100% cheating. Wall and Aimbot. Toggling probably, to keep somewhat lower KDR.
That One Guy
Thank you both!

- Sourcemod programmer, civil engineering, etc.
Nice job all.....
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