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While I have enjoyed years of playing on DoGz, as of late I've been disappointed by inconsistency from the admins.
I was perma banned last month for using adult language and making jokes about hax. I begrudgingly apologized to play again, even though the daily users have names like Fuckshitup, etc. I hardly think this is a children's server, and find it odd that admins choose to cherry pick when and who they're going to "discipline". Someone needs to grow up, and it isn't me.
Tonight I thought I heard someone call one of the female players "fat", so stuck up for her and made a comment about a tiny penis. It turns out it was Necro, and apparently he said she was "fast". My bad. Then I was kicked. I rejoined and asked why I was kicked, and it was explained to me. I behaved myself and laughed at some jokes, etc... and was kicked again. Then after I came back I was banned. Necro "friended " me on Steam and we had a convo about it. While I hardly think any of my behavior warrants a ban, especially as I never once received verbal or written warnings either time, I get that being admin takes time and effort. However, this feels like someone is simply abusing their admin powers and choosing to target a regular player.
It's bad enough this webserver shows as still running on php v5.4, which anyone can take over with a simple line of code, but to be asked to tolerate inconsistent behavior from the admins just isn't worth it to me.
Just do me a favor and remove my account from DoGz, as I have better things to occupy my time than cranky, inconsistent admins. Perhaps I'll revisit it someday in the future, but in the meantime I'll spend my idle hours on one of the many other servers still running CSS.
And fix this server!!
I was playing in the server both times you got banned (first by Angry and now by Necro) so I'm here to put in my 2cents.

Both times you appeared to be trolling and talking in the mic more than other players.

The only "inconsistency" between the bans was the reason listed in SourceBans. Both times the admins cited inappropriate language and mic spamming. While mic spamming is a bannable offence, inappropriate language is a grey area. People do often use swear words that don't get banned, and it's also not in the MOTD rules. That said, respecting players and obeying DoGz admins IS. (Maybe inappropriate language should be added if it's bannable on it's own...) I can't speak for the admins, but from MY perspective, this (disrespect) is what got you banned.

Trolling through the mic is enough to get an admin's attention. You claim you didn't get a warning, but you got as much of a warning as any player gets. "Calm down" or "shut up" when said by an admin in response to immature, critical, or otherwise troll remarks shouldn't be countered with a snarky "pfft okay..." and laughing.

Admins use their discretion when issuing bans, and if they feel they're not being listened to or respected, that is enough reason alone. You also just admitted that you "begrudgingly" apologizd. Seems to me that respect and compliance were never qualities you thought reasonable to demonstrate.

Furthermore, the most recent ban was for 1 week. I don't think that's too hard to cope with...
Tex Mex
I was in the game as well. Necro asked you to stay calm. Even players like Quik mentioned to calm down as well....but you went on talking. Enjoy the game dude and relax . It was a 7 day ban not perma
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