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DoGz Gaming Clan » DoGz Servers » Ban Appeal
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Name: DaddyStickler
Steam ID: 76561197990310044

I have NO idea why I was banned. I received no warning, I've been on these servers forever.
I did complain that an admin kept changing maps, but since when is that a bannable offense?
Being negative and calling people names is a reason for a ban. Furthermore you constantly keep saying people are hacking and I have watched this for the last year. I have warned you to calm down before and yet I have given you so many chances. When you say "bitches", do you realize some of the people on our server are children? You do this each time you come on and say other comments that are unwanted. I can unban you but you have to promise to never do these actions again. If so then I will have to permanently ban you.
I always tell everyone I'm joking, and I wouldn't play on a server if I thought anyone was being allowed to hack. But I can understand not everyone knows this, so will stop making jokes about stuff like that. I'll refrain from any speech that's past 10 year old, so I don't offend. My apologies.
Ok you have been reinstated. Please refrain from unwanted comments.
I don't understand how he broke any of the rules. Saying "unwanted comments" and "being negative" are not explicitly against server rules. I understand that Rule #8 says to respect all players, however this is extremely vague and can be interpreted differently depending on who is administering the server.

Also, who cares if he calls other players bitches? This is typical video game banter and if that were against the rules half the server would be perma-banned. This is a Mature game so it does not matter if there are children present. Children should not be playing Counter-Strike. I'm not a close friend of DaddyStickler or anything but whenever I happen to be online at the same as him I notice he likes to give some shit-talk and banter to the other players but never anything truly hateful.
Hi Ricky,
I actually care if people call other people names. I let it go when there is friendly banter but that is usually among friends. I also have given warnings when it goes too far. In this case, I have observed numerous comments over the course of time that were not appropriate for the server. This is not like it was a ban all of the sudden it was a ban that was eventually going to happen if the actions continued which it did even with past warnings. As for the children, We have players under 18 playing this game and this game is rated for children to play so I am not sure why they shouldn't be playing this game according to your comment. If you would like to chat about any of these concerns then we can chat on steam. This is not the platform for our conversation since the issue has been resolved. Below are the server rules. In this case, rule #7 and rule #8 was used for the initial ban assessment. Cursing at people you do not know all during game play is pretty disrespectful to me.


2. No Advertising

3. No Racism. No Racial Slurs

4. No Porn Sprays

5. No Spamming the Mic

6. English Language Only

7. Obey DoGz Clan Members

8. Respect All Players
Ban appeal resolved.

"Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner."
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