September 28 2021 04:15:42
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Props to Angry
Papa Petro
Just want to give praise to Angry with his map selection. Everytime he's on you know you're gonna get to play some damn good maps; he really adds directly to the experience of the server.
dirty 630
I second this and want to include TuGz too.
I am truly flattered by your comments and I appreciate them. Tugz and myself try to promote a fun environment for everyone that plays here. We put on maps that everyone will enjoy. I always listen to your comments and adjust accordingly to them. I am happy and glad you enjoy our servers Smile
same tbh; haven't seen a server full and hopping like last friday since years and years ago
Forreal, that train map was a clusterfuck but so much fun. Always nice to play the lesser known maps
Papa Petro wrote:

Just want to give praise to Angry with his map selection. Everytime he's on you know you're gonna get to play some damn good maps; he really adds directly to the experience of the server.

Agreed! I noticed that the server has large selection of really good maps that don't often get played.
Tex Mex
Angry for PRESIDENT!!
I don't know about being President but I am always here for you guys. If we have the map and you have it in mind then I do not mind playing it at all Smile
SNIPER! OMG... haven't seen you in forever! Nice to see there's another old timer around.

To Angry... maybe we should have the Aggression Sessions... You or Tugz post when here and then people can check in and see when you are running the next group? Just a thought
Tugz, Necro, and myself have been changing maps when it comes to unpopular maps and it also depends on the crowd of people. For the most part we stick to the same rotation and just change it when requested by multiple people or if it is obviously unpopular. I think this routine works well but it does help having admins on the server. I have seen many of the same people come and play when they see Tugz, Necro, or myself are on the server playing. We have most of the regulars on our friends list on Steam.

For myself, I have had a couple of sessions where I play 10 maps of maps not on the funtimes/iceworld server. I got the maps from the Dogz servers list. In this format, I would just play 10 new maps in a row. I usually pick the ones I personally like to play. Since I would like to do this again then I think the suggestion of posting the next 10 map session on the this forum. I will probably post the time and date a week prior to the event so that people will get a heads up. I think I may even put the map names on!!! Good suggestion Scooby!
um....YES! This sounds awesome!! Great name Scooby "Agression Sessions" Love it!
@angry. You are right brother. I have a map list of 331 maps so when its time for bad map im.always there to help people and change it before they leave. Theres a the rotation nowdays that nobody likes. Gg_punishment i think. Id like if its could be replaced by something else like gg_simpsons_glock_tok maybe? Lets see what people thinks
So here's an option on the aggression sessions. Keep track during those sessions of what maps seem to get the best positive feedback. Then we can go into our catalog and rotate some of the less liked with some of the ones with better feed back. I don't think we should do it in a piece meal manor. Why don't we work on a monthly map change. Maybe do 10 maps a month? So the top 10 maps that got the most positive feedback on your sessions get added to the rotation and the 10 most disliked get taken off the map rotation. Thoughts?

+1 for this idea. I know it's the "Funtimes/Iceworld" server we're talking about, but there are so many other fun maps. I vote for anything that gets them played more! Grin
Good idea Smile
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