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HI all, I think I am the worst knifer and I wanted some advice. I just cannot get a one hit kill with a knife. I've been playing for many years and this has always been my downfall. Tonight I played with a couple of people and I noticed they were knife killing me each and everytime wiith one stab. How is this possible? I just need to get better but any advice would surely help.
You have to hit them in the back in order to get a one hit kill, otherwise it's only 65 damage. One easy method I do is to try and run through the person you're knifing. When you've almost completely ran through them you hit em with the knife at the last second, therefore hitting them in the back. It is a little hard to explain but it is very effective when done right. The only caveat being that if the other person is also on knife they can try and do the same thing.

Another way is to try and whip around the opponent really fast while passing them up and slash them in the back.

Also, try going for easy targets, like people that are already being shot at. If their health is low then sometimes you won't even have to get a hit to the back to drop em
best way papy, spectate buzz or markkas when they are on knife mode, they are 2 on top knifer, p&c too by time Smile
I know the basics but it seems like it is very difficult for me to get a one on one win with a one hit knife. I see other players and they knife like butter always. Makes me wonder if there is a binding key or something. I can never guesstimate because the opponent could be so far away but still knifes with one hit or too close. Is it just my latency and ping? Obviously I can knife but not as efficiently as other players. I mean I do have 3236 wins but I think it would be 3 times as much if I didn't have to stab everyone twice to get a knife kill all the time. How do these other players do one knife kills all the time. I'm pretty sure you know them.
By the way, Buzz is a good knifer but he doesn't do one stab kills like the other people I know of in the server. There are people on the server that consistently kill with one stab. Some of them are even bad at shooting which makes me really really wonder.
After you try try and size how and were to hit at the right time, there is a milliion way to knife different... u know me goose we frequently b-hop or event just jump and in the air we turn back, but there is another set for mouse dpi and its not finishing.... I dont know if you have a mic that you dont use or something, but Im ready to share by private leason on funtime what bucket and some other have do with me only me and you... I know ur enought fast to event only jump and turn around and knife or what else will be good for you... inbox me if your interest Smile
Thanks for the offer skunk. Maybe we can go one on one knifing one of these days for practice. What would be sweet is the fast battle map with knives only the whole time.
Running through the person and knifing at the right time will count as a back hit and 1-shot. It takes practice but easy once you have the timing right. BTW I knife because it's fun for me and less stressfull than trying to win a gun game. Also, I'm pretty terrible with guns....hehe....See you guys online soon. Markkas
Angry wrote:

I think I am the worst knifer

Well for few days I will be the worse one; I am trying a new config movement keys and tbh this shit is hard AF. I switched mousewheel for jump and space for switch weapon: no need to tell you how fucked I am when I play, my brain just want to implode xD

Let's see what it will give >_>
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