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DoGz Gaming Clan » DoGz Servers » Ban Appeal
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EThot's ban appeal.
Your SteamID : STEAM_0:0:203635711
Your Nickname : EThotOfTheNewDecade
Reason why you should be unbanned :

Alright, first I would like to state this. I'll admit that when I was on Friday and Saturday I was making odd noises in the mic, Kramet asked me to stop so I did. He then proceeded to consistantly insult me and tell me to shut up. Yesterday I was muted and I was okay, I waited it out and went on my way staying chill. I muted him, and I wasn't being a dick or anything. I come home and Im banned. Honestly if you can give me a great reason why I was the only one banned in this situation then I'll leave for good. Kramet has said many racial slurs, has been insulting people left and right. He also insulting another female on the server because she was a female. Keep in mind she never said anything to him.

Needless to say, I would like a valid reason as to why I have been banned. Im mature when it comes to handling situatioms, I hope you can be too.
No pancake mix
Hi EThot,

While I can't speak for why you were banned, I did review Karmet's chat logs. Nasty little fellow it seems, I gave him some time off. As for yourself, usually our admins don't ban for no reason so we'll see if we can get in touch with joon and have him get back to you.
Also known as Skittles for the new people =)gameme.dogzgaming.com/sig/182628_101.png
I watched the entire ordeal and boy was it a shitshow. You and Kramet were both spamming your mics.

You were talking really loudly + talking about inappropriate topics + ignoring/insulting a DoGz member. So many people in the server were annoyed by your chatter and I agreed.

Kramet on the other hand had a hurricane mic and it was practically EAR RAPE. He also ignored/insulted a DoGz member but the member in question said he'd look over him a little longer since Kramet stopped... to a degree.

Have you even read the MOTD?
It's literally the first thing you see when you join the server.
Hai there. The spamming of the mic happened only before the mute. and yes, there were inappropriate conversations, but it was not just me. The only member I even possibly ignored was kramet. And by member do you mean the normal players, cause I know three off the top of my head that would say other wise. Actually I have read them, I took the time memorizing them when I got muted. I do not see the need to ban me as you only had taken the one step in muting me. I hadn't done a thing after the mute was lifted. I can see where you were coming from before the mute, but after it I was chill. There was no reason to ban me, especially permanently. I'd rather you give me a last chance as to the fact it is the only server I have played recently and planned on playing. Your server has the best set up for that game, the devs did well. I've never made a css server, but had my fair share of gmod and minecraft ones.
Member as in a member of the DoGz clan. It's bad enough to bother regular players in the server but you happened to do it to a member too. The server had a lot of people in it as well which made everything much worse.

You arguably broke 4 rules at once which is the reason for the ban length.
I hoped the mutes would make you realize that your voice chat (content + volume) was not acceptable but it seemed like you never did.

Before any consideration of an unban, we'll need you to agree to
1) fully read and understand the rules
2) never repeat your previous actions in the future
3) accept that a repeat offense will result in a permanent ban (not able to be appealed unlike this one)
Alright, and what were the other two rules? As I only know of the mic spamming and ignoring a member.

I have already done the three steps listed. I have to head to school now.
3. Respecting all players - There are 20+ pairs of ears on the server and a lot of them would like to just have a fun time without having their experienced ruined by spam.
4. Porn sprays - sprays werent directly involved but your mic conversations certainly drew sexual content up. Why not just talk about gameplay?

Volume, frequency, content, etc all contribute in determining what is spam or not so take extra care in considering those factors.

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