February 24 2020 14:45:57
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Why can't i find an admin when hackers are around
Today, a dude named Jolly was aimbotting and owning everyone. I tried to look for at least one admin.....none. The dude is depleting the server and yet no one comes to observe. Why are hackers able to exploit this server. Even worst, how many admins are suppose to be watching out for this and not let it happen. Aint no fun when none of us have the power to ban obvious hacks. Why record when they come and go? Cmon now, you know what Im saying.
What's the use of admins?
Seems like you have most of the active admins added... but you FORGOT ME.

I'm hurt. /s

I know you're upset but admins can't be apache helicopter parenting the servers 24/7 ya know.
Would be really nice if you can ban this guy. He's annoying people now for 2-3 hours Sad

Banned, thx @TriQ.

Players will be looked at MUCH quicker if nicknames and steam IDs are provided - like you did above. LOTS of bonus points for demos tho so get em if you can!
Sorry Joon. I'll add you.
It can't hurt to add a couple new admins, hell I'd vouch for Angry seeing as he's active enough. Hackers ruin servers and kill them in a matter of minutes. I understand that it's impossible to have an admin on 24/7 but it's undeniable that dogz has an extremely low number of active admins. The only ones that come to mind are badseed and Necro, it couldn't hurt to add someone like Angry who actually plays in the server on a regular basis!
AKA Falco
I sorta quit playing on the server because it seemed to always clear out after a couple games and I didn't want to feel like I contributed to it somehow. Doesn't mean I'm inactive though!

I've only been messaged about an active cheater only once since this thread's creation so I guess it's been pretty quiet (?).
sorry i haven't been around as much. most my time in the fall is spent in the woods chasing whitetails.
"Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner."
hey angry !
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