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DoGz Gaming Clan » DoGz Servers » Ban Appeal
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unban request

unban reason: I am requesting an unban for saying 'ball sack'

Not sure why Necro is always out to get me, maybe bc of my username being Trump and he hates Trump?

I already threw away my mic bc Necro apparently didn't like anything I ever said apparently.

Now, I can't even say ball sack which is an actual body part that a male has.

Maybe, I'm not aware of a list of words that I can and cannot say that Necro could send me bc I fear anything else I type (even single words) will trigger him.

Should I stop typing at all going forward? Jesus...

Who said you were banned for saying ''ball sack'' … i think u misunderstand...read your chat history and go to your last ban appeal … i think it will help you cuz you are all wrong . i dont care about politics or trump . It has nothing to do with your name lol is that a joke ... not using your mic doesnt give you the right to say the same bullshit in the chat . you telling people to commit suicide and still use an inappropriate language. what you dont get?

I banned you 1 week as a last chance by the way , next time is permanent.
Maybe other DoGz members can help you on the unban but for me its a No.
Edited by 420_Necro_CS on 15-02-2019 15:29
i'm not 13, i'm in my 20's. I didn't act like a victim last time, I tried to be respectful towards you bc I sensed a lot of sensitivity (not be to demeaning)

i did not tell people to commit suicide, I witness players dying by knife or nade and implied that they committed suicide.

I don't know who Tugz is but the other admins I spoke with in the past seems to be more reasonable than you (again not to be demeaning)

What words from that list am I not allowed to type? Bc I wasn't directing any of those to anyone specifically for most of them.

btw, if someone else types maga I have the right to support that other player by saying maga again.

I appreciate that's it's only one week (although it's bit long) and I'm genuinely glad that it wasn't a permanent ban, so thank you really.

bro, I just play on the server to blow off some steam bc I have to act like a Saint at work 5 days a week, so I apologize if I say a few words that upset you or you consider toxic.

I'd appreciate if you could give me a warning next time though

I would however would like to know which specific words I CANNOT say from the screen shot you attached so I won't be permanently banned

I think your last question you wanted to know was how all the things I type on the server is relevant to the game? If so, sometimes it's not relevant at all but why does it have to be relevant to the game?

My comments come before or after another player's comment. I guess you have to see what other players typed to know the context of where I was coming from.

okay. This is getting too long like an essay
We will review. thanks for posting…
i did read the screen shot and the rules.

what you're really telling me to do is that I can't trash talk or speak my mind, and that I have to act professional in a non-professional gaming environment.

I'm a smart guy and i have masters from an ivy league school, so I understand what it means to be respectful or toxic.

I'm really not trying to argue with you, but what constitutes the ban you put on me from that screen shot?

Which words from that screenshot am I Not allowed to use or to what degree am I allowed to trash talk?

I think the word cunt is a funny thing to say to a guy, and I think any other guy would think the same if he was called that

bitch is on the same funny level to me, and I actually said 'shutup bitch' to a guy who said something along the lines of 'you suck or i owned you' and we both laughed

'shutup black' was towards a player whose name was 'black something boy'

'committ suicide' was an implication of when i witnessed players committing suicide by being knifed or blown up by a grenade. I Did NOt tell anyone to commit suicide....

so I'd like to know, am I not allowed to trash talk or say stuff like cunt, bitch, shutup, asshole, damn, son of a bitch, donkey balls, hippo's ball sack, or fat douche?
I'm just going by our great country's constitution and freedom of speech as far as words that do Not directly violate the server's rules.

Thanks Necro. I appreciate it
and its not a screenshot... everyone chat log is recorded on the site ...how saying people cunt, bitch, douche is respectful… DoGz is one of the only CSS server left and its populated by old school players and lovers of this game… people like you makes people leave the server . its just my opinion but you should think what u say before typing it. its not against your PERSON but about your acts and words. what if the server only had people like You saying the same kind of chats… nobody would play on there .. think about it .

server is not about your country constitution but about the rules founders made in it… i repeat. LOL
Edited by 420_Necro_CS on 15-02-2019 16:17
fair enough. i will try very hard not to insult people out of the blue, but if they trash talk me first, i may have to reply back with 'suck my balls' or something like that.

i get it. the only way to know for sure is to do a survey of all the players and for the admins to track players if they are actually leaving the servers. I don't think they are bc it's usually pretty full of players

whenever a game match ends though, i'll have a strong urge to say the most ridiculous stuff just bc lol

maybe i'm just a huge fan of michael scott from the office and Eric Cartman from south park
under review. we'll get back to you.

"Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner."
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