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DoGz Gaming Clan » DoGz Servers » Ban Appeal
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unban me
without any reason I am being banned by negcro this is admin abuse all the way
Admin abuse.. ?? you come there and call me ''negro'' and then call me a big cheater crying about getting headshots first i banned you only for a couple hours. as a warning. play and respect other players.
thank you .
13. oct 2018 11:23:48
cheating can up yr score
DoGz [GunGame DM] Funtimes/Iceworld|
13. oct 2018 11:23:12
thats what we call cheating
DoGz [GunGame DM] Funtimes/Iceworld|
13. oct 2018 11:22:47
ok all nergro shots are heads shot
DoGz [GunGame DM] Funtimes/Iceworld|

if u dont remember heres your idiot chat history.
so yr god here without any reason or warning you banned me ok and I am not a noob i have been playing this game for years just not on this server ok also noticed that are a lot of complain from other players on yr attitude on this server.
the g was a typo ask before u acusse some one yr name is necro ain't it or iam mistaken and this all for me till here solong bye
Edited by lupe on 18-10-2018 19:48
Lupe when you get a ban for something such as this be respectful. Don't come in here acusing admin of abuse. I haven't been on in a long time, and am not real active but from what I am seeing is your attitude needs to be checked at the door
Thank you Abom.
Lupe is done for a week. No appeal. If he wants to come back in here at a later date and discuss this in a more civil manor I'm game, but for now we are done. Please update his ban to a week from today.

Thank You for Your Time and Compliance,
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