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DoGz Gaming Clan » DoGz Servers » Ban Appeal
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ban appeal
Good afternoon,

I just saw a reply from my previous ban and it must have been my mic. Didn't realize other players were complaining bc I had them muted. It would be great if I could play again. Thanks
Edited by chinesepug on 01-09-2018 18:58
You insult people for free and i saw racism in your chat also.. im sorry, 2nd offense and racism is perma ban… no toxic people allowed here.

heres your chat history… where u can read all the stupid things u said to people …
Edited by 420_Necro_CS on 02-09-2018 08:40
Thanks for reviewing my appeal. I will admit that I do trash talk a little bit but not a lot since I rarely use the mic or type if you search all my chat history. Like you said, I'm not even on the server that much.

I did use a fake word 'migger' and typed 'hail half german' (which i regret typing) but I never directly stated or typed a racial slur.

My second permanent ban happened when I tried to ease the tension between two players who were constantly insulting each other by saying, "fight, fight" in a sarcastic manner. I felt like the two players were much more toxic than the the two words I said on mic.

My first permanent ban was a result of my mic being loud which I wasn't aware of, nor the other players (which I've muted) were complaining about. I also sang Pop eye the Sailor Man theme song for only 5-7 seconds maximum. I only found this out when you replied to my first appeal. I didn't feel like this was a reasonable cause for a permanent ban.

It just seemed like you were trying to find any reason to get me permanently banned and I wanted to understand why that was. Perhaps it was my Trump username or Maga statements which I have the right to do so.

Would it be possible to get a second review of my ban appeal if you deem it a reasonable request based on my defense? Thanks
Edited by chinesepug on 02-09-2018 17:19
its chat history from yesterday ….

Yes, I understand that it's a chat history from yesterday. What I was inferring was that I have consistently abided by your rules since the very beginning until this recent incident.
Look your privates message.. you unbanned. last chance.
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