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Ban Request 6/4/18
This ban request is for player "Reset" [U:1:32196012].

A player named "SPEED MAN 1537" [U:1:56758135] came on the server and was obviously using aimbot. Player "Reset" [U:1:32196012] went in to spec and, presumably while recording a demo of Speed Man's aimbot, Reset was saying things like "Look at his little faggot hacking ass", and repeating the word "faggot". I typed "Wow reset, try toning down the homophobic language a little", to which he responded something to the effect of "Shut up you little Chinese cocksucker" and "Just so you know, no real American likes the Chinese", followed by more childish name calling like 'slanty eye' and stuff like that.

First of all, I am not Chinese or Asian at all. Reset assumed my ethnicity based on my in-game name, which is legible English but looks like Chinese characters. Second of all, although I unfortunately do not have a demo recorded of him saying these things, he seems pretty open about the fact that he is racist.

Eventually Dogz member Prodigy came on the server, I'm guessing to ban "Speed Man". I attempted to record a demo and have Reset say something racist again, but he was not taking the bait. So unfortunately I don't have a demo to share, but it is pretty clear that that individual is toxic. I've been playing on the Dogz server for a while now under various names, but it is only now that I've felt compelled to register on the Dogz forums and submit this request. Reset is a homophic racist who should not be allowed to continue playing on what is otherwise a seemingly tolerant gungame server. Please consider banning Reset.

Regulars present:
Edited by thrasher on 04-06-2018 20:51
thanks for request. we'll look into it. doesn't sound like him though, he's a regular who normally doesn't act like that.
"Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner."
Thanks for the quick response badseed. I've played with Reset before and this was the first time that I've seen him act so intolerably. Unfortunate as it may be to punish a regular, the server has rules to uphold and he broke them. I suggest looking in to this by checking with the other regulars I listed, whom you may know and trust more than me. Thanks again.
Hi Thrasher ,

For your information, Reset has been warned about the words he used, I made him read your post to make sure he remember everything , You probably know Reset is a regular/top player here , and like Badseed mentioned we never had complaints about him before. We both agree to give him a first warning... I play with him everyday and He never insult people for free and i never see him throwing any kind of racial slurs. Reset said he is sorry he will watch is words/name calling and he said he is not racist at all . But next time he will have to be banned 1 week, then more, then perm.. like everyone who break the rules .

Thanks for posting we appreciate it, we will watch him and feel free to post again if something else wrong to you happen.

Enjoy playing on the server !
Thank you Necro for your response. Given that I didn't have a demo I thought perhaps my post would be met with skepticism. I'm glad that it was taken seriously. I know it's just a game and all but bad behavior is bad behavior no matter the situation. I will continue to play on the server despite this incident, in part because of how professionally this submission was handled. Cheers
'' I will continue to play on the server despite this incident, in part because of how professionally this submission was handled. Cheers ''

Thank you ! I'm new to the clan and i appreciate that.
and yeah we try to keep respect on our servers , it's important for the community and population of the server in my opinion and i'm sure other members agree with me .
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