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Wins Per Hour: Source GG DM FT/IW
I had this spreadsheet originally made up for GO (can still see it in the history if you'd like) but I'm back to playing mostly source and funtimes again.


Also it goes up to 70 now because that was my current rank and copy/paste.
Ibizan Schoolgirl
Too bad there's not a stat formula in excel that calculates the fact that many good players leave after they lose 1 or 2 games in a row. Or they may leave and rejoin when less competitive players are on.

If you stack a bunch of solid players in the server at the same time, they'll rotate wins for the most part. Unless someone is having an exceptionally good/bad day.

I think the old smuT and GCM stats are more accurate in ranking players based on skill. Longer play times can hurt you, you don't gain as many points if you're winning against lower ranked players, and I think you drop like 100 ranks if you get knifed ftw lol. You have to be really good and really consistent to stay in the top 20...something I've never been able to do.
Yeah no doubt about being able to easily game the stat by leaving if not winning GG. But I do still think this is a quicker and better metric for GG DM then anything beyond the usual kdr, hpk, and accuracy. Those three could be excellent and the player could still fail to win GG DM games.
My long playtime is hurting me on this one too because looking at my sessions from the past 6 months it seems my average would be over 5 WPH for sure.

Like this session yesterday which got me called a hacker by BAM BAM multiple times lol

4:09h 35 wins = 8.43 WPH Cool
Ibizan Schoolgirl: Gungame Wins 358

Bullshit, that should be surpassed 100,000.
"Nobody really knows what they're doing. We're all just trying to figure out what makes us happy."
Ibizan Schoolgirl
I don't think the rankings on the other GG servers I mentioned don't factor in kdr, hpk, or accuracy. It's a more in-depth measure of overall skill in GG. I haven't figured out all the details, but I know getting naded, knifed, and suicides drop you in rank/points significantly. It was kind of frustrating actually, because there were times where I would win 10-15 gg's but still have negative points for the session. Probably because I eat a lot of nades lol.

haha terrowrist. I don't always play to win. Kind of lost my motivation a long time ago. I just like to shoot shit and go on rocket boost kill streaks, and would rather do it in a gg server than a DM server. Selecting weapons every round or having random weapons while everyone else has awps/autos isn't fun. I get more satisfaction out of making the quick tough shots. The only time I really try to win anymore is when I'm playing with korean schoolgirl 'cause she's fun to compete with, and justify...cause I get great satisfaction in beating him Grin
Most stat systems (including the one here) work on a points vs points basis (or maybe the ranks instead of the points). So if you're #1 very few people get points for you and getting killed by a very low rank is like an instant -50. I have a screenshot somewhere where in the chat you can see me saying something like, "I got a 9 kill streak and only gained 12 points, was killed at the end for -25... so 9-1 and is good for -13 points."

Even though I'm not seeing it in the events log I think it might work like that here too because it is possible to have a negative points session. Or maybe DoGz has the stats turned off for everything but GG actions... Along those lines it looks like you get a -5 for being knifed and only a +1 for a level up.
I for one would love to see the ranking system changed for a more in depth system but that would be time consuming and it would require constant tweaks to get things perfect and who knows how long that would take. I've been ranked #1 a few seasons ago and right now I'm ranked #4 in the Funtimes/iceworld servers but in reality I can think of at least 10 players that I know for a fact are better than me.

I wonder how hard it would really be to implement a better ranking system and not award players on time played. Some of the players in the top 10 are there because of the fact that they just spend a ton of time playing.
I updated the sheet for the first time since December. Some new names up there.

Johnnie Walker
Thank you for reminding me how bad I am. Lol. Jk .. this is a cool to see. Cheers.

Updated again. Now only includes the top 100 since I'm back in it again Cool

Ha! didn't make the cut...
What? Yeah you did, you're at 40 (actually 39 since first row is headers). This is the top 100 ranked players, then sorted by WPH.
Updated http://goo.gl/qs4x61
It's been a very long time... but the Wins Per Hour spreadsheet is back in business...
Nice to see you back around...
Yeah man, first time posting in the forum for a bit.

But I never really left. I've probably never gone 2 months without hopping in the server over the years. Just sometimes I go a stretch with a lot more playing.
Was curious to see who the real top winners are since the count itself is mostly time played.
This thing not significative… it rank me 150th lol. it count the spectating time just like the gameMe system so not the real stats actually. but its still cool to take a look , cuz its more significative for people with no spec time.

I mean, how can i have 0 wins per hour if i have almost 7000 wins since summer 2016. thats a bit weird.Sad
Edited by 420_Necro_CS on 23-01-2019 14:31
It's just simple division my man, but yeah spec time would ruin your WPH.

I grabbed the top 150 by score and then divided wins by time. So in a way you being 150th reflects you being the player with the most spectator time in the top 150 lol
Oh shit nevermind. There is a problem... for some reason your wins have a decimal instead of a comma. How the fuck does that happen?
I just checked gameme and there are a few other people that have that problem too.... super weird.

I earlier also noticed another difference since the last time I did this years ago, that the time played is now formatted different with a space after the colon for some reason. Had to update my conversion script.

I'll fix the decimals, click the link again in a few and you'll have your fixed wph ranking.
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